SEDIA Organisation Structure

SEDIA has been entrusted as the One-Stop Authority to drive SDC, with the primary responsibility to plan,
co-ordinate, promote and accelerate the development of the SDC.

Development Sector

  • Strategic Planning Section
  • Project Implementation Section
    – Development and Engineering Management Unit
    – Procurement and Contract Management Unit
  • Investment Development Section
  • Human Capital Development Section

Corporate Sector

  • Financial Management Section
  • Corporate Services Section
  • Corporate Communication Section

SEDIA Management

YBhg. Datuk Seri Panglima
Haji Hashim Paijan

Chief Executive of SEDIA

Ir. Dr. Chong Vun Leong

Deputy Chief Executive cum

Chief Project Implementation

Development Sector

Yunus Gastom

Deputy Chief Executive cum

Chief Financial Officer
Corporate Sector

Mary Sintoh

Senior Vice President
Special Tasks Portfolio

Iwan Hermawan Bin Masrul

Chief Strategic Planning Officer
Strategic Planning Section

Yong Siew Ping

Chief Procurement & Contract Officer
Procurement and Contract Management Unit

Ir. Ian Wong Chung Yen

Chief Development and Engineering Officer
Development & Engineering Management Unit

Janet Lee Oi Chin

Chief Human Capital Development Officer
Human Capital Development Section

Kevin George Ukang

Chief Investment Officer
Investment Development Section

Ruslan bin Ismail

Chief Corporate Services Officer
Corporate Services Section

Sheila Radin

Chief Corporate Communication Officer
Corporate Communication Section