The Sabah Development Corridor is one of five regional economic corridors in Malaysia, having launched on January 29, 2008 to enhance the quality of life of the people by accelerating the growth of Sabah’s economy, promoting regional balance and bridging the rural-urban divide, while ensuring sustainable management of the state’s resources.

SDC is now guided by the SDC Blueprint 2.0 (2021–2030), a strategic plan that charts Sabah’s development till 2030, in alignment with national and state plans. The blueprint lays out an ambitious agenda for SDC, having been formulated following an extensive review of the original SDC Blueprint implementation, and considering SDC’s key strengths and implications from mega trends through to 2030. This blueprint is also timely to ensure alignment with the Federal Government’s Malaysia MADANI concept as well as the State Government’s Sabah Maju Jaya plan. Continuing the legacy of the first blueprint, the SDC Blueprint 2.0 will ensure holistic development through economic growth that is inclusive and sustainable.

Through SDC Blueprint 2.0, SDC programmes and initiatives will bring in RM95 billion in private investments, generating 70,000 jobs and contributing an additional RM20 billion in GDP by 2030. This will help to ensure that the overarching goal for SDC is achieved: Sustainable Growth with Equity and Social Inclusion.

The SDC Blueprint 2.0 will ensure holistic development through economic growth that is inclusive and sustainable.


A renewed Vision for SDC is established through SDC Blueprint 2.0, building on the original 2008 vision statement while reinforcing three priorities (competitiveness, inclusiveness, and sustainability):

“A Competitive, Inclusive and Sustainable Corridor by 2030”

  • Competitiveness: Positioning SDC as an attractive destination for manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, and logistics. Leveraging on its strength to make Sabah more attractive for high-value investors and top talents, and to create better jobs for locals;
  • Inclusiveness: Creating opportunities for everyone to advance skills and capabilities, engage in high-value economic activities, and actively participate in community life; and
  • Sustainability: Conserving Sabah’s unique natural heritage for current and future generations, and ensuring resilience in the face of economic or environmental challenges.


Three mutually reinforcing Aspirations will help to realise the Vision and the SDC  Blueprint 2.0 theme — “Sustainable Growth with Equity and Social Inclusion” — reflecting the desired outcomes for Sabah by the end of the SDC Blueprint 2.0 period:

  • For Sabah to have a competitive, innovative and high-value economy;
  • To bring inclusive and balanced development; and
  • To develop a healthy and resilient natural ecosystem.

“Sustainable Growth with Equity and Social Inclusion”

Competitive, innovative and high-value economy

Inclusive and balanced development

Healthy and resilient natural ecosystem