SEDIA has been entrusted as the one stop authority to drive Sabah Development Corridor (SDC)
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Organisation Chart of SEDIA



Organisation Structure

In furtherance of the objectives and effective performance of the functions of SEDIA, the Chief Executive shall be assisted in executing his responsibilities and duties by officers and staff of the Authority. Towards this end, SEDIA has been organised along four main divisions and three supporting departments.

The four divisions are as follows:

I. Development Planning, Coordination and Evaluation Division:

Ø  To identify and recommend strategic development projects and economic clusters with growth potential;

Ø  To identify strategic soft and hard infrastructure to support the economic clusters identified;

Ø  To coordinate the integration of the various sectoral development plans into a coherent socio-economic and physical         

     development planning framework;

Ø  To assess the socio-economic, environmental regional impacts of these projects; and

Ø  To evaluate the SDC milestones in term of key performance indicators.

 II. Marketing and Corporate Communications Division:

Ø  To promote and market the SDC as an attractive business and investment location;

Ø  To undertake market intelligence;

Ø  To identify potential investors;

Ø To compile and disseminate information regarding SDC’s programmes and projects as well as SEDIA’s activities to stakeholders;

Ø  To obtain information and feedback regarding the response and outcome of SDC programmes and projects; and

Ø  To support CSR activities and engagement with stakeholders.

 III. Investment and Business Division:

Ø  To provide one-stop services to business enterprises and SMEs/SMIs;

Ø  To fast-track priority and strategic industries;

Ø  To provide business-matching assistance;

Ø  To provide investment advisory services;

Ø  To facilitate in obtaining planning approval, customising incentives packages, and securing licenses and permits; and

Ø  To recommend policy reforms, incentives or other initiatives to attract investments.

 IV. Knowledge and Technology Management Division:

Ø  To establish and manage SDC databank;

Ø  To monitor and support knowledge creation activities;

Ø  To disseminate and promote new technology applications and scientific knowledge;

Ø  To facilitate science-industry linkages;

Ø  To promote innovation and commercialisation of R&D; and

Ø  To promote new growth sectors driven by the convergence of technology.

 The four main divisions shall be supported by three supporting departments, as follows.

I. Project Management Department:

Ø To coordinate and monitor the physical implementation of all SDC projects;

Ø To audit and compile reports on the status of these projects;

Ø To determine tender and procurement strategy;

Ø To ensure compliance to tender and procurement specifications as well as contractual obligations;

Ø To liase with project consultants;

Ø To provide technical advice; and

Ø To recommend project closure and payment.

 II. Accounting and Finance Department:

Ø To prepare corporate/business plans for SEDIA;

Ø To plan and prepare annual budgets for the SDC;

Ø To disburse payment and SDC allocations to implementing agencies;

Ø To maintain proper accounting and procurement record;

Ø To prepare feasibility studies and financial modelling for SDC projects;

Ø To explore potential in value creations; and

Ø To source funding for SDC projects.

 III. Administration and Corporate Services Department:

Ø To provide in-house administrative and secretarial support;

Ø To assist in record-keeping and documentation;

Ø To maintain inventories of office supplies and assets;

Ø To manage human resources, outsourcing activities and risk exposure; and

Ø To provide general corporate services.


SEDIA Committees

The following committees have been established to assist the Authority in performing its functions.

1.     Implementation Coordination Committee

2.     Nomination, Establishment and Remuneration Committee

3.     Finance and Investment Committee

4.     Audit Committee

5.     Development Planning Committee

6.     Consultative Panel and Focus Groups

7.     Tender and Procurement Board

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